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«The future is out there»
Furniture and interior items that you dreamed of, but didn`t know they`ve existed
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Functionality. Bold shapes. Catchy colors
Who said that your interior should be boring and typical? A charismatic personality needs extraordinary accents, as if from the distant almighty future.
Choose your own accents with your heart and they'll become your source of strength, inspiration and self-confidence for many years.
Stop dreaming! It's time to own
Furniture and interior items that you dreamed of, but didn`t know they`ve existed.
Table lamp_1775
Vlad Kreminsky
$12 500
Vlad Kreminsky
$40 000
Table lamp_1549
Vlad Kreminsky
$11 700
Computer chair_0021
Vlad Kreminsky
$17 500
Vlad Kreminsky
$31 000
Computer chair_0049
Vlad Kreminsky
$17 250
Vlad Kreminsky
$38 500
Table lamp_1549
Vlad Kreminsky
$9 700
Vlad Kreminsky
$33 750
Vlad Kreminsky
$39 450
Not just any furniture. A real space flight
The collection of space style furniture is a unique and stylish solution for those who want to add a touch of mystery and mystery of the universe to their interior.
Lounge chair_0256
Shapes and lines: Furniture is characterized by unusual, non-standard forms reminiscent of spaceships, rockets, satellites and other objects from the world of science fiction.

Smooth lines, sharp angles and asymmetrical elements are often used.
$25 000
Lounge chair_0472
Materials: For the manufacture of space style furniture are used mainly modern and technological materials such as metal, glass, plastic and even neoprene.

This gives the items a futuristic look and creates a feeling of weightlessness.
$35 000
Lounge chair_0694
Colors: The palette of space style furniture includes cool shades of blue, purple, silver, as well as bright accents of red, yellow and green to create contrast and focus attention on individual elements.
$45 000
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